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Alles was bleibt... 

40.000 mal DANKE 2024.
40.000 mal DANKE Mensch.
40.000 mal DANKE  LIEBE. 



Der Countdown läuft!

Heute sind es noch drei Tage bis wir die Tore öffnen und wir können es kaum erwarten, euch auf dem Festivalgelände zu begrüßen!

Pünktlich dazu könnt ihr euch hier den Timetable herunterladen und euren Festivalbesuch planen.

Wir freuen uns auf euch und sehen uns am Freitag!





was the MOTTO in 2023, and the Earth will do so in 2024. And because it does, we are all called upon to treat it with respect by reaching out to those who are in the shadows and therefore easily overlooked. We only happen to live on the same planet and it is only available to us for a limited period of time. The success of a mindful life in the world community is unfortunately not a sure-fire success. Nothing happens by itself. What a fortunate circumstance and great leap of faith that we privileged people in this world have the chance to shape it the way we want to live in it. The good should and must continue, that is our contribution to a mindful world.

We are not giving up on making ourselves strong. Solidarity instead of silence is the motto of our time. 


... is Germany's largest inclusive festival and one of the most innovative pop & art festivals in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein.

... is planned, designed and carried out by people with and without disabilities from all nations. 

... is social and enables people who would otherwise not be able to afford a visit to the festival to attend free of charge thanks to a special ticket policy.

... involves the cultural industry and is a festival format based on solidarity for creative artists and cultural institutions.

... is a research and development model for sustainable cultural formats, non-waste & CO2-neutral energy resources with the DESC program.

We believe that the SUPERKUNSTFESTIVAL is unique in its form in Germany, perhaps even beyond. The guiding principle of inclusion can be found in everything we do. Here, people with and without disabilities from all nations work in front of and behind the scenes to develop a festival that doesn't need to shy away from comparison with commercial festivals. Success is made possible and supported together. Every individual contribution is part of the whole. This applies to the audience as well as to the artists and crew. Thus the SUPERKUNSTFESTIVAL will be a model that innovatively motivates others to courageously and resolutely stand up for an inclusive and open-minded society.

Our friends of the Lübeck clubs & pubs TREIBSANDTONFINKSCHICKSAALTIBIA TICKUNKLARBAR, BLAUPAUSE and KANDINSKY will also take over beverage catering in 2024. Also the STADTWERKE LÜBECK MOBIL are back again and your festival ticket becomes a bus ticket. And the LÜBECKER NACHRICHTEN are great friends and, of course, our media partners. The SUPERKUNSTFESTIVAL sees itself as an inclusive, family solidarity campaign for all people in front of, behind and on stage. But we are also affected by the current inflation. Everything has become more expensive and this also affects the festival, artists, crew, energy and all other resources. We take great care to ensure that the prices for tickets and catering are agreed with everyone involved in such a way that culture is paid for but also remains affordable. After all, those who work must also be remunerated. The SUPERKUNSTFESTIVAL should remain accessible to all people. That is why it goes without saying that in cooperation with the KULTURTAFEL LÜBECK we will once again provide a contingent of tickets and support those who would otherwise not be able to afford a visit to the festival.  

If we look at the past year, everyone can see that our lives have changed dramatically in many areas. 

Der noch immer aktive Krieg in der Ukraine konnte nicht beendet werden. Ein weiterer Krieg in Israel und Gaza ist dazu gekommen.

Entschlossen und ohne jeden Zweifel beklagen wir alle Opfer und fordern: 


And time and again, we stand up for a world without repression, fascism, anti-Semitism or other movements that violate human rights and are hostile to democracy. 

MUSIC AGAINST RACISM will forever remain the loud and never-silent claim of the SUPERKUNSTFESTIVAL.

More than 100 Ukrainians now live on the campus of Diakonie Nord Nord Ost and remind us how senseless armed conflicts that despise life are. For them and all other people who have had to flee from war, oppression, persecution and poverty, the SUPERKUNSTFESTIVAL will be a place where everyone is welcome.

And the FESTIVALGUESTS? There were 6000 guests at the 2018 kick-off and an incredible 36,000 people in 2023. The motto in 2022 was BACK TO LIFE, 2023 YOUR PLANET LOVES YOU... and you all came.

BACK TO SQUARE ONE is our motto for 2024. What do we mean by that? Everything you have already read in this text - with the realization that we must stand up for a better world with our planet and all people, regardless of their origin or way of life.

SUPERKUNST will be back from June 14 to 16, 2024 - and you are all invited to join us. Ultimately, you know best what's good for you. It's your festival.

Michael Schmerschneider Festival director


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