Of great deeds and failures... and because people never stop learning.

SUPERKUNST 2023 was an incredible sensation. 36,000 fans! We are still overwhelmed by so much loyalty and love. Crew, audience, artists, weather - it was simply fantastic. 

And because we listened to you at SUPERKUNST 2022, we were able to make many things even better thanks to your suggestions: 

TOILETS: More toilets! Many more toilets!

WATER: You can bring your own. You just have to make sure that they are not bottles that can become projectiles. That means PET and no larger than 0.5 liters.

FOODTRUCKS: More food trucks so that the queues are shorter.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: The festival ticket is now also your bus ticket. Included in the ticket price.

MERCHANDISE: More caps, shirts and beautiful things... also cashless.

PROGRAMM: Digital download to your cell phone.

But there were also things that you and we noticed in 2023 that gave us cause to optimize, rethink, discard and act. We will continue to listen to you and say THANK YOU for your tips and suggestions. Because it is YOUR FESTIVAL.

The clearest of all announcements.

The SUPERKUNSTFESTIVAL is an inclusive festival that breaks down the barriers between disabled and non-disabled, rich and poor, origin and homeland, young and old. For this we need a lot of love, tolerance and idealism. Everyone is welcome.

The SUPERKUNSTFESTIVAL is for all those who want the world to be beautiful, free and equal. We want to create a sustainable world based on care and peace with all people, nature and all living beings, together and for each other, in which every person has the right to a secure future and individual realization, free from fear and repression.

The SUPERKUNSTFESTIVAL is unsuitable for anyone who does not identify with the previous chapters - please spread the word:

Violent persons, Nazis, inhuman associations, racism, anti-democratic groups, criminal intentions, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, discrimination in all forms, sexism, homophobia, weapons, vandalism, peace-disturbing behavior and anything else that could add to this list will be expelled from the festival grounds without any ifs or buts.

Anyone who doesn't see it that way is best to stay at home.